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Happy Woman

"This ILC was everything I expected and MORE!! It helped me to be more accountable with writing down my daily Gratitudes. To set daily goals that were attainable. The Sunday night Group Meditation @ “Hangouts” with others from around the country gave me a feeling of community!!"

"What a LOVELY way to start the new year! Christina's daily recordings were such a helpful way to carve out a few minutes a day to reflect on the day ahead, have a moment of gratitude, and generally start the day on the right foot. The Journal PDF that was provided was a perfect way for a 'journaling newbie' to organize my thoughts and start my day in an intentional way. If you are looking to become more intentional in your day-to-day life then you absolutely need to check out this challenge and all that Christina has to offer! Would 10/10 recommend!"

"This challenge inspired me to incorporate journaling and reflection time into my daily habits. I have been more intentional with my goals for the day and grateful for my many blessings. Thank you!"


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No time? Not sure where to start? Your wellness IS possible! Come join me on the journey! @intentionalmama_