What is Intentional Ten?

This a simple, practical method that will help you creating the systems, routines, and mindset required to reduce the overwhelm, simplify your days, and prioritize your wellness. Starting with a ten-minute daily habit of journaling and intention setting, you can transform your days and be more intentional in your time, relationships, and health


Still don't feel like you have the time or know where to start? Don't worry, I used to feel the same way before I developed the Intentional Ten Method.

Through the Intentional Mamas Community, Intentional Ten Podcast, or one of my wellness challenges, you will be sure to find the guide you need. 

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Christina Dunbar, MSN, RN, FNP-C, RYT

Hi! I'm Christina.


I'm a wellness mentor for moms. I've developed the Intentional Ten Method to help busy moms with little time build the systems, routines, and mindset required to reduce overwhelm, simplify their days and prioritize their wellness.

Are you ready to transform your wellness? Join me and start your wellness journey here!

Christina Dunbar is a nurse practitioner, yoga teacher, and recovering stressed-out mom of three. Inspired to change her lifestyle after a stress-induced illness, she began journaling daily. This helped her to slow down and redesign her lifestyle and habits to improve her mental and physical health.


Over time, her daily "intentional ten" minutes allowed her wellness to grow as she transitioned to a whole foods/plant-based diet, advanced her yoga and meditation practice, became a wellness mentor for other moms. Most importantly, her new method of intentional wellness for herself also helped her promote the wellness of her family!


She went on to create her signature "Intentional Ten Method" to help overwhelmed moms take control of their health and happiness. By offering short audio guides, wellness programs, and unique group coaching/mentoring, she helps women build practical systems to transform their wellness when they feel like they have no time to take care of themselves.


Outside of her passion projects, Christina finds simple joy in sipping hot coffee, sitting outside in the rain, and throwing dance parties with her kids.


Christina is available for podcast interviews, speaking engagements, workshops, and guest blog posts. 

Some topics she can discuss are:

How to Create a Daily Journaling Habit (When You Don't Have Much Time)

The Wellness Habit that Most Moms are Missing

Managing Anxiety and Depression Through Gratitude

How to Get Rid of Your Inner Angry Mama

3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Wellness

How Prioritizing Your Wellness is Actually Prioritizing Your Family's Wellness

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