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What is Intentional Ten?

The signature Intentional TEN Method was developed after Christina recovered from a stress-induced illness using tools and habits of mindfulness and intentional living. She wanted to support other moms struggling to find time for wellness before they got sick like she did.  

To all the busy, stressed-out mamas out there, you're not alone! We are here to show you that you can transform your days to find more health and happiness. This is your guide. It's time to start your wellness journey!

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Christina Dunbar, MSN, RN, FNP-C, RYT

Hi! I'm Christina, a Nurse Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Intention Coach, and Mom of three. Inspired to change my lifestyle after a stress-induced illness, I began journaling daily to learn more about my intentions and goals for my family and my life. This helped me to slow down and redesign my lifestyle, creating habits that benefited my mental and physical health. Most importantly, my new method of mindful wellness helped me promote the wellness of my family, too!


Over time, I began teaching my mindful morning routine, mindfulness tools, and wellness habits to other women and moms. I created my signature "Intentional TEN Method" to help overwhelmed moms take control of their health and happiness. By offering quick audio guides, wellness challenges/programs, and unique group coaching, I help busy women use practical systems to transform their wellness and build an intentional, happy, and healthy lifestyle.


Outside of my passion projects, I find simple joy in sipping hot coffee with my husband, sitting outside in the rain, and throwing dance parties with my kids.

Ready to start your path to health and happiness too? Come join our community!


I am available for podcast interviews, speaking engagements, workshops, and guest blog posts. 

Some topics I can discuss are:

  • The Intentional TEN Method The Wellness Habit that Most Moms are Missing in Their Lives

  • Functional Mindfulness: How to Take Control of Your Health and Happiness

  • FILLing Your Cup: How Self-Care isn't Selfish

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