3 Simple Things You Can Do to Be Present

Feeling overwhelmed by life these days? Me too. Most days I feel super overwhelmed by my To-Do List, the limited number of hours, and the three little ones desperate for my full attention, but the days that I don't feel like things are spinning out of control usually have a few things in common. This is why I'm trying to do MORE of these habits each day (hint: most of them involve reducing technology...).

Digital Minimalism

Most of us are working from home right now. Which turns into working all. the. time. Our devices are helpful in connecting us to others and filling the social void right now, but they also keep our brains wired and distract us constantly with notifications. Your work will be more focused and more productive if you stop multitasking and start setting dedicated device time. Turn off your social apps when you are working, but then log off work emails when it's dinner time. If you keep these apps on your phone, actually log out of them or even delete the app when you're trying to be focused. If you're worried about missing important messages, communicate with your family or co-workers that they should call you for anything emergent, otherwise you're turning off notifications.

Block Time for Play

We all need a mental reset period in order to be focused. Be sure to block dedicated time for rest and play. I have the most patience with my kids after my husband lets me sleep in one morning or after a yoga practice. We have found that it's helpful to set specific hours we plan to work, then set a time that we will turn it off and play with the kids. If an idea or action item comes up during a time you're trying to stay present, write it down in a notebook and come back to it later.

Set Daily Goals in the Morning

Think of this like your shopping list in the grocery store when you're on a tight budget. It's easy to walk down an aisle and see cookies, stop, and put them in your cart, but you must stick to only the things on your list if you want to avoid overbuying. Apply the same principles to your day to stay focused. Set a list of goals and priorities for the day first thing in the morning in a journal or notebook, avoid deviating at all costs. And of course, make sure one of those priorities is a few minutes for self-care! Anything else can go on tomorrow's list.

Do you have any special hacks to stay present and mindful? Share in the comments!


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