"Clean" Fashion: Sanitizable Handbags for the Minimalist Mom

If you're like me you work hard to keep your life decluttered and simple, but taste in design and fashion leaves me battling a desire for new or changing items. There are multiple seasons and multiple occasions so I tell myself I need multiple things, but the frugal minimalist in me then says no and I'm left grappling with them, each side on opposite shoulders driving me crazy! It's hard to juggle all these methods and philosophies when you're a busy mom! Recently I discovered a magical happy medium that I just knew I had to share with you all this week as we talk about minimalism and frugality: Moost Bags! Interchangeable, durable, sanitizable, and flexible, these bags meet all the criteria for minimalism and frugality, while scoring some bonus points on functional use and design!

Mooms + Oost = Moost!

Austin (aka Oost) and her mom, Denise (aka Mooms), spent a lot of time together when Austin's three boys were babies. This time together led to many hours talking and dreaming and eventually gave life to another baby, Moost Bags! They created what all moms want and need, a blend of simplicity, practicality, and design with their fashionable interchangeable shells, liners, and handles.

Minimalism Meets Frugality

Mooms' background as a designer and Oost's experience in business and marketing has given moms and women everywhere access to not only a minimalist style handbag, but a minimalist approach to fashion and accessories. You don't need ten handbags hanging in your closet (previously guilty here!). You can own just one or two shells with another one or two inner bags and handles and you've got a different combination for every season or occasion! If you used to spend several hundred dollars on designer handbags once or twice a year (again...formerly guilty here), then Moost Bags are your way to save money without compromising practicality or fashion!

Bag of the Year for 2020

This year, a Moost Bag might literally be the only bag you need to get you through a pandemic. These bags can be wiped down or rinsed off without issue. You don't have to be a minimalist mom to love a Moost Bag either. Teachers, nurses, grocery shoppers, and more will love keeping fashion "clean."

Fashion and Function Can Co-exist

Women and moms everywhere are used to wearing many hats and serving in many roles. For me, I'm a nurse practitioner by day, yoga teacher by night, and mom in the sandbox by weekend...A Moost Bag is one bag for the whole day. Ideas include (but certainly aren't limited to):

  • Beach Bag

  • Easter Basket/Gift Baskets

  • Champagne Cooler

  • Yoga Bag

  • Farmers Market Basket

If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that I only want to spend time, money, and energy on things that bring me joy (and to only using things that can be cleaned!). Luckily Moost Bags can keep moms like me feeling fun, functional, and safe!

How have you used a Moost Bag? Share in the comments below! If you want to get one for yourself, be sure to listen to this week's episode of the podcast for a special surprise for Intentional Ten followers!

Season 3 Episode 17 | Minimalism and Frugality: Making Room for Value and Joy

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