End of Work Routine: A Mental Check-In for Being Present in the Evenings

Our best work often comes when we are in "Deep Work Mode". The productivity and achievement of that time can create a mental high. But how do you turn it off? How do you end a workday, shut down the work mind, and then sit back and really be present? Try this ritual at the end of the day:


•Take a moment to review your day. You can reflect or write it down.

•Identify and acknowledge one difficult thing about today.

•Check on yourself. Are you okay? If not, find one person to share this with or identify something that you could do for self-care this evening.

•Identify and be proud of one thing you did well today.

•Identify one thing for which you are grateful for in your work.

•Accept the way you feel about work and mentally agree to return to those thoughts and feelings tomorrow.

•Acknowledge what you want from your evening? Social time? Exercise? Quiet? Etc.

•End your workday and enjoy your evening!

What else do you do to transition your mind and find work/life balance? Share in the comments below or message me to share!

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