Five Habits for Intentionality in 2020: Keeping You Focused on Wellness, Activism, and More...

This is such an important thing for us to consider right now (yes, in all the things we are dealing with right now). We have dealt with Covid-19 breaking a lot of the normal habits we had and having to develop a lot of new ones. The racial injustices, inequalities, and police brutality issues we are seeing are opening our eyes to bad habits and blind habits. We are realizing things we must change.

On a personal level, that's what Intentional Ten has been and continues to be for me- it's habits of journaling, reflections, and gratitude that I developed for myself that I'm now sharing with you. I encourage you all to develop habits like this to work on your own priorities. Some of the feedback I've received is that people want help with their habits. People want to hold themselves more accountable. For example, I'm working on my own daily meditation habits and it took an app (check out Ten Percent Happier) to help me stay on track. It gives me a little ping at noon as a reminder and I love that! So we're all working on breaking and building habits together.

I want to challenge everyone to think about the habits that they have in their own lives. Think about habits you enjoy vs habits you want to break. I was reading an article on the Wall Street Journal recently by Arthur Kleinman which inspired me to think about habits and how we can use them to carry us through good times and difficult times. You can read the article here. I want to challenge everyone to think of five habits you can use to help you be more intentional during lockdown/quarantine, through the BLM movement and changes we are making in our world, and through your daily routines. 

Today I'm sharing my Top Five Habits for Intentionality in 2020:

1) Meditation

I can't express how simple this one is. You don't need a cushion, a room, or even peace and quiet! I've meditated with the kids running around me before. Just sit down, close your eyes, and repeat an inspirational phrase in your mind or focus on your breath. Do it for 2-5 minutes once a day and build a practice. This will help you to respond, not react, to life.

2) Movement

Walk. Run. Do a few yoga poses. You can do this alone or with family/friends that you are social distancing with. The key is to be moving (and outside if possible) and getting blood flowing. This helps you physically yes, but mentally it helps you to clear your mind and your thoughts so you can be intentional with how you spend your time in your day.

3) Intentional Social Media Time

I cannot preach here. I'm not good at this one all the time. But when I am good at it, I just feel better! These days we get a lot of our news and our human connection via social media. It's how I keep up with some Covid-19 facts and how I learned (embarrassingly, I didn't know before) what Juneteenth is. But social media can suck us in. I've caught myself opening the comments of a post just to see the banter between people. Why?! When I finished reading them after several wasted minutes, I just felt angry and upset. What a waste of my good energy. Keep your social media time capped and intentional. Go there, do what you intended, then close it (or better yet, log out!).

4) Journaling Your Goals 

If you have a significant other or roommate, I highly recommend journaling together. Once you've written your reflections, move to your goals and then discuss them after. What to you want to achieve- More mindfulness and less anxiety? More activism? More self-understanding? Brainstorm where you have time and energy to achieve your goals so you can make them happen!

5) Dialogue 

Again, I cannot preach here. I'm more of a solo introvert who has tons of thoughts/dialogue in my own head (hence, why I journal). Most of the time doing this leaves me close-minded, wallowing in my own anxieties/stressors. So talk to people! Share your thoughts, but then listen. Listen listen listen. How are others dealing with Covid? How do people feel about equality? This open dialogue will help you and help others all in one!

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Talk to you soon!


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