Five Things I Hope We Continue After the Pandemic

I've seen so much ugliness during this pandemic. Online bashing, fear, loneliness, stress, and plain ol' "hatefulness" as my grandmother would have said. But on the other side of the see-saw has been a lot of good. They flop back and forth most days, squeaking as they go up and down. One heavier today, one heavier tomorrow... I'm ready to see the ugly fade away, but there are so many new good things out there that I'm hoping will stay. I'm keeping this one simple and sweet. Here's my list of five favorites:

1. Forgiveness and Understanding that We're All Just Doing Our Best

Can I get an AMEN? Working from home with kids, isolation and overwhelm, simple meals because the store was out of potatoes and onions? It's about time we learned to forgive ourselves and those around us. I'm glad we've finally started to figure this one out.

2. Less Attention to Appearance. (ie yoga clothes all. the. time.)

I had an interview on Instagram today and blow dried my hair and put on mascara for the first time in a LONG time. At the hospital we aren't wearing make up (it can break down your face mask), leave rings and jewelry at home, and are wearing scrubs all the time, so this is my new norm. Guess what? I don't actually need all that stuff to be a kind, happy, and "pretty" person. I'll save them for special occasions, but if you think I'm looking a little different these days, refer to #1. I'm just doing my best.

3. Reassessment of Priorities

I love how all these extra meetings and things that didn't "HAVE" to be done got skipped over during quarantine. I think most people and businesses started to realize where there was wasting of time and energy in our normal routines. When we had to go on backup generator mode, we realized we were still OK!

4. Virtual Options

Who else loves connecting with people that you couldn't have otherwise?! From Zoom calls with the college besties, to FaceTime with Gramms and Gramps, everyone is learning to expand human connections with the help of the internet. Virtual wine tastings in another state and yoga with people in Germany? I'm LOVING THIS. Beyond the fun, it's making us more efficient, too! I saved a ton of time and energy packing up three kids for a 15 minute dr. appt when my daughter got to see her Pediatric Developmental Specialist via Zoom.

5. Making Time for Healthy Habits

Some days I feel like I have LESS time for this, but overall mostly I think we're all doing better. I may have gone on a wine binge a little too hard here and there when I was stressed, but otherwise we're eating completely from scratch, going on daily walks, and I'm doing more yoga and meditation with less places (ie nowhere) to be. It's good for the environment, good for the spirit, and good for the body.

What things have you enjoyed that you hope continue? Comment below or share this article with family and friends to inspire some dialogue.

Keep up the intentional journey toward simple and happy living!

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