Intention Boxes: How to Gift Self-Care

For the longest time, I felt completely incapable of being helpful to my friends and family. Before I got my s**t together, stress and anxiety in my daily life were suffocating my ability to think of others because I was so buried in my own issues. This self-centered survival mode turned me into someone I didn't want to be, but now that I've finally slowed down and put on my oxygen mask, I'm finally able to turn to my neighbors and help them put their masks on, too.

Are you looking for ways to take better care of yourself or others? It doesn't have to be something big. It can be super simple and should be built into your weekly routine. Check out my last post on self-care to learn ways to fill your cup without any money involved! But if you're looking to do something different, unique, or a way to gift self-care to someone around you who is drowning in stress, then be sure to keep reading, because below are the steps for making the perfect self-care gift box!

This summer I settled into a good mental place and a good groove despite the pandemic, but I knew that starting virtual school was going to be hectic. I wanted to help my mom friends take care of themselves in the chaos because virtual school is certainly a wild ride. Once I started brainstorming my gift boxes, my list of friends who would benefit from these gifts grew. Before I knew it I had made ten boxes to give the gift of self-care! I reached out to several local small businesses here in the Charlotte market to find items that would really provide wellness and along the way I found some amazing women doing amazing things!

I knew I needed to share these fun boxes with you all to inspire you to gift self-care to those around you. Plus, I just had to feature some of the incredible work these women-run businesses are doing. Each box included something to unwind and relax, something to help manage stress, and something to inspire joy and fun! Without further ado, I give you...the Intention Box!

Relax and Unwind

What does every mama want and need? A few minutes of quiet! I found these amazing Musee Bath balms sold at Girl Tribe Co. here in Charlotte so that my friends could have an excuse to disappear for an hour of warmth and ease. Girl Tribe Co. is led by two stellar women, fellow mamas, and even fellow alumnae of Charlotte Catholic High School (Go Cougars!). Girl Tribe sells graphic tees, hats, fun accessories, but they do so much more, including promoting the work and products of other female vendors like Musee Bath. They hire women in recovery, people with disabilities, and people who have lived in chronic poverty. Their products are handmade in the USA with ethically sourced, natural ingredients. You know I was thrilled when I learned this. Sarah and Carrie of Girl Tribe believe in women supporting women and "ending girl on girl war" and are true female entrepreneur leaders!

Managing Stress

Moms need ways to keep the day simple and moving smoothly. I wanted some essential oils to help with stress and anxiety when I stumbled upon Roses and Azalea and found way more than I ever imagined. Jenny Melick, owner, visionary, and chemist behind the personal care products of this local small business, helped me learn what it means to buy real pure and organic products. Are we being intentional about what goes on our skin daily? I was embarrassed to say no before I met Jenny. We picked out some pain-relieving essential oils, dry shampoo, and facial serum. These products have rocked my world lately. Roses and Azalea creates safe, non-toxic personal care and beauty products with organic botanicals and natural ingredients to nourish and heal your body, essentials for mom self-care!

Inspiring Joy and Fun

I wanted my friends to feel fun and pretty, especially since date nights and dressing up don't happen much right now. I had been following Studio Laudres on Instagram and was dying for a chance to try some of their beautiful earrings. Owner Laura was totally on board for these Intention Boxes and worked with me to select unique and stunning earrings for my friends. Laura pulls her inspiration from travels and adventures with her husband Andres to create these beautiful and artistic clay pieces. Every woman needs a pair of Studio Laudres earrings to feel fun and pretty!


I wanted to make boxes that would inspire, not create junk that cluttered someone's home or added waste to landfills. The business owners all sent me items that could be recycled, reused, or were made from recycled material, and I reused the packaging from my purchases in my gift boxes. Each Intentional Box contained a mini notecard printed on recycled material and individually stamped by Owls-N-Roses, an Etsy shop that goes above and beyond to reduce waste in their processes and packaging.

When it was all said and done, I had ten beautiful Intention Boxes for ten stellar women in my life to help them relax, de-stress, and have fun. These boxes may have provided wellness and self-care to others, but they also provided wellness and self-care for me. Sometimes you find joy and connection in unexpected ways.

Are you inspired to take care of yourself or your friends now? You can message me for help making your own Intention Boxes, or you can support one of these amazing businesses by purchasing your own self-care items! They can easily be delivered to your doorstep or to the doorstep of a friend in your life. Remember, you must put on your own oxygen mask first, but once you do you'll find enough breath to help those around you, too!

Learn more about these amazing ladies and their businesses on their websites or by giving them a follow on Instagram!

Girl Tribe Co. > @girltribeco

Musee Bath > @museebath

Roses and Azalea > @rosesandazalea

Studio Laudres > @studiolaudres

Owls-N-Roses > @owlsnroses


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