Understanding What Self-Care Really Looks Like

I'm super behind on this post. But the reason is that I've been practicing self-care. I have a million things on my plate (don't we all these days...) and even though I've been dying to write this post, I keep telling myself not to do it in a moment of rush or stress. That would defeat the point, right? I'm trying to be real and honest and not a hypocrite, but it really is hard to practice what you preach.

If you want to hear me go into more detail, check out my podcast. This topic is broken down into two episodes (Season 2, Episodes 13 and 14). But since most of us are limited for time, I'm just going to list out the basics of this topic here.

In short, I've been looking at self-care all wrong until this year. I kept thinking I needed lots of time and money to make a #treatyourself day, but it's just not true. Now I'm not saying that any of the things below are bad, I'm just encouraging people to not look at them as "self-care." This is a list for me that I'm sharing with you. Your list may look different! Self-care can be simple and basic and should be done DAILY! Here we go:

Self-care is NOT:

1) Mani/Pedi/Massage

2) Retail therapy

3) Take out/eating out

4) Starbucks break at work (I love me some coffee...so this one was hard to break.)

5) Housekeeper/laundry service.

6) Buying things that do stuff for you/add convenience (Echo/Alexa, Roomba, high-end cars)

7) Netflix binge (confession, we boo-booed last night and thought this was self-care)

Why are these things not self-care? They may be super helpful in the routine of life or super fun no doubt, but they don't leave you better than they found you (you know, like, as a person).

Self-care IS:

1) Pausing to read a book or magazine

2) Implementing some quiet time for yourself each day

3) Stretching and/or Meditating

4) Taking time to talk to a friend or family member (no electronics involved!)

5) Penciling time into your morning to SIT and drink your coffee (put it in a cup, not a travel mug)

6) Go for a walk

7) Journal (you know I'm obsessed with this one...follow the podcast if you want to start a habit!)

Again, this is my list and might not quite apply to you. But I challenge you to rethink self-care in your own life. Maybe start with making your own list of things that you have done before that were really just money thrown at things. Brainstorm ways to keep self-care simple and cheap. It can be done for free!

Share your self-care tips below. Let's take the intentional journey together!

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